September 1, 1994 was a big day for us.  That is when we officially started building R&R Trailers.  Back then, life was simpler; we had 3 employees including Bob and myself.  Bob and another employee built the trailers and I would take them out on the road, stopping at any dealer that would give me the time.  Scan 21 years and Bob is still running the shop and I am still in charge of sales.  Now we have grown from the 3 employees to 27.  I no longer go on the road looking for dealers; the October 2008 crash took care of that for us.  We know sell straight to you factory direct!  It was not a popular move by some and even we had some reservation.  It was a make or break deal for us but we didn’t want to lay off any employees and who can sell our trailers better than us.  I want to say THANK YOU to you all; it worked out well for us!  You get a quality trailer at the best price and we got to keep the same number of employees, working 52 weeks a year.

For us, we enjoy selling our trailers to you, the end user.  We carry trailers in stock but we would rather work with you in building your trailer.  To many, Dealers focus on selling you the trailer they have in stock; it may not be the right size, color, or options that you had in mind.  Still they try to push that stock trailer on you, leaving you spending more than you could have built your own for.

All we ask is give us a chance!  We don’t bad mouth our competition but if they have a better price it’s only because it’s a steel trailer or they do not have the same features as ours.  If they are higher priced we ask that you look at ours and ask why pay more?

Look forward to talking to you!

Rick Daniels
Vice President
R&R Trailers