With so many aluminum trailer manufactures out there today, the process of finding the right trailer for you can be a difficult task.  It is very common for every aluminum trailer manufacturer to claim that they have the best product available or that they have the best prices or the best deals.  Every manufacturer believes they have the best aluminum trailer money can buy.  The toughest job for the consumer is to figure out what are truths and then what might be just smoke and mirrors.  We here at R&R Trailers don’t believe in deceptive marketing just to get you to buy an aluminum trailer.  We believe that the facts of how we build our trailers paired with being a factory direct aluminum trailer manufacturer will ultimately speak for our quality and value.  Below is a list of facts about R&R Trailers as a company as well as our aluminum trailers that we offer:

  • R&R Trailers was established in 1994.  With nearly 23 years of aluminum trailer building experience, we aren’t just some new fad company.
  • We are family owned and operated.  The President’s son helps to oversee Production; our Vice President’s son works in Sales and Marketing; our Sales Manager has two daughters, our Office Manager and Parts Purchaser, and one son that work at R&R Trailers and we have many workers in the factory that work side by side with family building our aluminum trailers every day.
  • ALL our of our aluminum trailers are built standard with box tube aluminum frames and Dexter Torflex torsion axles.  Don’t settle for any aluminum trailer that is built with C-channel in the frames.  Steel trailers can get away with C-channel because the properties of steel are different than aluminum, but aluminum frames need to be box tube for strength and durability.  Dexter Torflex torsion axles are also the premium axle available for any trailer.  They provide a much smoother ride by absorbing more road shock that won’t be transferred to your cargo.  You can visit www.dexteraxle.com to learn all about what makes the torsion axle a better option over spring axles.
  • ALL of our aluminum trailers come with a minimum of a 5 year frame warranty, with some models even having a 10 year frame warranty.
  • The exterior panels of our enclosed trailers are secured using S-Lock.  The S-Lock panel is screwed underneath each 4′ seam and then overlapped with the next panel, ensuring that each panel shows no screws but is still screwed underneath for maximum hold.  Between each 4′ seam, we use high strength bonding tape to make sure the panels sit smoothly on the remaining crossmembers.  Be cautious with other trailers that only use glue or bonding tape for every seam.  Once the glue or tape go, there is nothing to secure that panel back to the trailer.
  • We work directly with YOU to build YOUR trailer!  When you call R&R Trailers you are working one on one with the company that is building your trailer.  We are able to answer your questions promptly and accurately by having complete knowledge of the product.  And we even offer you the opportunity to see our factory and watch the process of how your trailer is built!  How cool is that?!

We are striving to be better every day.  At R&R Trailers, not only do we want to earn your business but, most importantly, we want to earn your trust.
Thank you for reading and considering R&R Trailers.